‘The Boys’ Actress Erin Moriarty Leaves Instagram After Megyn Kelly Comments About Her Appearance



    Erin Moriarty has left social media after she found herself on the receiving end of a campaign of “verbal abuse” following comments Megyn Kelly made about her appearance. 

    On Friday, The Boys actress, 29, announced she was all but deactivating her Instagram account after Kelly, 53, used her name and face during an argument on plastic surgery — which Moriarty vehemently denies. 

    In an episode of her podcast on Jan. 17, the former Fox News anchor made comments where she alleged Moriarty received plastic surgery and took injections to “completely change her face.” The podcast episode’s description even mentions that Kelly and The Daily Wire‘s Michael Knowles discuss “the ‘social illness’ of plastic surgery.” 

    “She’s got the Kim Kardashian lips. She’s made her nose so skinny it looks like a pencil now. She’s got, like, what appear[s] to me to be cheek implants,” Kelly said on camera. “More and more young women are doing this.” 

    The personality even took a moment to show off what she believed to be “before” and “after” photos of Moriarty, using a recent picture posted to the actress’ Instagram in comparison to an older photo. 

    “It’s not about an objection to plastic surgery, it’s about an obsession with turning yourself into this fake version of yourself,” Kelly said. “I find it, like, a sign of mental illness. It’s extremely upsetting. It’s a massive turn-off to me. I just really want to get in the heads of these young girls and say: ‘Please don’t do this.'”

    In response, Moriarty fired back at Kelly, calling her out for what she says are blatant lies about her appearance and “bullying” from the TV reporter and her fans. 

    “This is something I truly never anticipated writing. We’re all subject to levels of bullying throughout our lives but I am horrified, and I felt that I deserved to take a second to address these things,” the young actress wrote in her lengthy departure post. 

    “To receive a message about a disgustingly false, counterproductive to the degree of being ironically misogynistic video of Megyn Kelly commenting on the manner — to learn the widespread nature of this has left me horrified,” she continued. 

    The actress went on to note that the photos Kelly used happened to take place more than a decade apart, with the “before” being from before she was of drinking age and not from a year ago as the podcast host suggested. 

    “Implying my photo is reflective of women being in a worse place is as false as my conviction in saying that if you resigned, you would be leaving women in a better place,” Moriarty wrote. 

    The “after” photo came from a recent post Moriarty had made in which she says she simply had her makeup done, including “major contouring,” and that she shared the photo as she was “feeling pretty.” Kelly used that photo to try and prove that Moriarty had work done, which she calls adamantly untrue. 

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    “This is becoming harassment,” Moriarty wrote. “This is becoming false news.”

    The actress continued her post, sharing that she is “horrified by the reaction, the reductive assumptions, and the aforementioned video that is a primary example of such harassment. It’s broken my heart. You’ve broken my heart.” 

    Before finishing her post, Moriarty added that rather than deleting her entire page, she wanted to make sure her post was seen before taking a long and necessary step back from social media. 

    “The only reason I have not deactivated my account is because I will be leaving this [statement] here. Otherwise, consider it deactivated. I will not have access to it for an extensive, if not permanent, break,” she wrote. 

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    As of Monday, the actress’ post had received more than 130,000 likes and 5,000 comments, with many expressing their support for her after the incident. Among the commenters were her The Boys co-stars and co-workers, who showed their love for her amid the “bullying.” 

    Love you, Erin. F**k the haters,” wrote on-screen love interest Jack Quaid.

    “Love you. Seriously they can f**k off. Beyond the cruelty, it’s just patently false. Be kind, people,” series creator Eric Kripke added. 

    “❤️,” co-star Chace Crawford posted. 

    “❤️❤️❤️❤️,” shared recent addition to the cast, Jeffrey Dean Morgan. 


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