How to be a good learner: 6 tips by a psychologist



    Learning involves not just learning new things, but also unlearning or re-learning. Know how to be a good learner for a wholesome life.

    This ever-changing world demands the need to evolve constantly. The transformation begins when we learn to have an open mind to soak in all the knowledge and feedback that comes our way. Needless to say, learning is the first step towards growth and success.

    When we speak about ardent learners, the first image that comes to our mind is of a person who is wearing thick eyeglasses with his nose dug deep into his book while holding a pencil to jot down copious notes. Well, let us tell you that a learner’s description isn’t just limited to this. You can read all the books, scribble them, and highlight every minute detail and still not succeed in life.

    A learner is someone willing to grow from his current scenario, who looks at challenges as opportunities for growth, and who implements what he knows best to ace everything in life, personal or professional.

    Wondering how to become a good learner? Read on!

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    how to be a good learner
    Learning can improve your mental health while increasing your self-confidence. Image courtesy: Freepik

    How to become a good learner?

    Learning is a lifelong process, provided you are willing to learn. You can become a good learner by following these tips, as  suggested by clinical psychologist Mimansa Singh Tanwar.

    1. Be curious

    Your enthusiasm to know more, understand and acquire knowledge can lead to numerous benefits for your personal growth. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and approach every experience with a sense of curiosity that extends beyond your current understanding, says the expert. Learn from people who have been there, and done that. Why go through the entire experience all by yourself? Use the words of wisdom from the ones ahead of us in life to recreate the best life you have always wanted.

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    2. Be willing to learn from others

    If you want to be a better learner, look around! Your critiques, competitors, co-workers, younger or older, as diverse individuals can offer valuable lessons. Embrace varied viewpoints as it enriches your perspective and also bring in a more inclusive approach to learning. Be open to receiving criticism from others, for they shape your personality while helping you become a better you.

    3. Be open to feedback

    Self-improvement happens when you go about life with an open attitude and growth mindset to take feedback whether positive or negative constructively. Acknowledging your deficits is a sign of healthy self-esteem as you recognize that there is always room for improvement.

    4. Build opportunities for varied exposure

    Provide yourself the exposure to diverse subjects from books, sports, art, culture, and travel. Every field teaches you a life skill that equips you to develop healthy coping mechanisms and be more resilient especially when faced with challenges.

    5. Be perseverant

    There are no shortcuts to hard work. Persistent action is the only way to success. “Be consistent and perseverant to work towards your goals. Turn your failures and successes both as learning opportunities,” reckons the expert.

    6. Be a learner for life

    Make every experience of your life count as it brings in humility and acceptance that there is more to learn. Embrace the uncertainty of life and learn to take every leap of faith with self-belief, knowing that you’ll learn along the way with an open mind and heart.

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