7 healthy ways to eat broccoli



    Wondering how to eat broccoli? Here are 7 nutritionists recommended ways to incorporate broccoli into your daily diet and reap the health benefits of it.

    Loved by some and hated by some, broccoli is one of the most delectable and nutritious vegetables. Packed with vitamin C and antioxidants, broccoli boosts immunity and combat free radical damage, preventing the risk of several diseases. As a versatile veggie, it can be used in several ways. Here’s how to eat broccoli!

    Why should you eat broccoli?

    Eating broccoli daily is the best choice you can make to improve your overall health. Certified nutritionist Nupuur Patil says, “Packed with vitamins C and K, folate, and fiber, broccoli supports the immune system, aids blood clotting, and promotes heart health. Its high antioxidant content also helps combat inflammation, reducing the risk of chronic diseases. Rich in sulforaphane, it may also contribute to cancer prevention by neutralizing harmful compounds.” Additionally, its fibre content helps in digestion and promotes a feeling of fullness, supporting weight management. Hence, incorporating broccoli into your daily diet fosters a nutritious and balanced diet.

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    Here are 7 delightful ways to eat broccoli

    1. Salad

    Transform your boring salad into a nutrient-rich bowl by adding broccoli. Whether tossed with leafy greens, cherry tomatoes, and a zesty vinaigrette or combined with other cruciferous vegetables, adding broccoli to your salad enhances flavour and makes it even more appealing and healthy. It also adds a crunchy texture and will keep you full for a longer period of time.

    2. Soup

    If you love enjoying soup during the winter season, it’s time to make it even healthier with broccoli. Blending steamed broccoli with vegetable broth, garlic, and onions creates a healthy soup that not only satisfies your taste buds but also serves as an excellent source of fiber and antioxidants. Don’t forget to add various seasonings to tailor the soup to your taste.

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    3. Pasta

    To boost your daily broccoli intake with a tasty twist, add it to your pasta. Simply chop broccoli into bite-sized florets and toss them into boiling pasta water a couple of minutes before your pasta is done. This quick addition enhances the nutritional value and adds a delightful crunch. This is the most delicious way to enjoy broccoli.

    healthy pasta
    Broccoli can be enjoyed in many ways, including in pasta! Image courtesy: Shutterstock

    4. Smoothie

    Blend broccoli into your morning smoothie for a nutrient-packed start. Its mild taste pairs well with fruits like berries and bananas, masking bitterness. This quick addition provides a dose of vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants, promoting a healthier diet.

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    5. Vegetable stir-fry

    Include broccoli in your daily diet effortlessly by incorporating it into a vegetable stir-fry. Saute broccoli with an array of colorful veggies for a delicious and nutritious meal. To enhance flavor, you can also add garlic, ginger, and a splash of soy sauce. It’s a quick, wholesome way to bring out the best in broccoli, making it a quick and wholesome option for a busy weeknight dinner.

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    6. Vegetable wrap or in homemade pizza

    Boost your daily broccoli intake with a homemade pizza twist! Chop broccoli into small florets and sprinkle them on your pizza before baking. The heat will soften the broccoli, enhancing its flavour. This adds a nutritious punch to your favorite comfort food, making it a delightful and easy way to enjoy broccoli every day. So enjoy your homemade pizza guilt-free.

    vegetable wrap
    Add broccoli and enjoy your vegetable wrap! Image courtesy: Adobe Stock

    7. Broccoli in omelets

    Kickstart your day with a nutritious breakfast by adding broccoli to your morning omelet or scrambled eggs. Simply sauté broccoli florets with your other favorite vegetables and fold them into your eggs. This not only boosts the nutritional content of your breakfast but also adds a delightful crunch and flavor to your eggs.

    So, what are you waiting for? Try these ways and enjoy the benefits of broccoli!

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