6 top amino acid supplements for muscle recovery



    Are you willing to improve your immunity to protect your body from flu, cold and infections? Then, try the top amino acid supplements.

    If you are a fitness freak who loves going to the gym every day, recovery after every workout session is essential. Lack of proper muscle recovery can restrict you from taking on the next day. Indulging in a robust muscle recovery technique is essential to maintain an optimal energy level in your body and enhance overall fitness. While taking a nutrient-rich diet is the best way to boost muscle recovery, some people take appropriate supplements. Amino acid supplements are used to increase muscle strength, endurance and faster recovery. Amino acids are essential molecules that serve as the building blocks of protein. They are composed of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and sulfur. Regular intake of these supplements may help with protein synthesis, energy production, tissue repair, a better immune system, and more. So, here is a list of the best amino acid supplements that you may take to lead a healthy life.

    6 top amino acid supplements

    The best amino acid supplements in India may help promote a healthy and fit body. But avoid taking supplements without the advice of your healthcare provider.

    1. Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy

    Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy Supplement is packed with amino blend, caffeine, green tea extract, green coffee bean extract, soy lecithin, and more. Each scoop contains 5 g of amino acids that promise to support muscle recovery and endurance. This pineapple flavour supplement may provide instant energy and boost focus. It doesn’t contain any added sugar, which makes it safe to consume.

    2. Pole Nutrition Amino tablets

    Try these amino acid tablets from Pole Nutrition to support muscle growth, and recovery and enhance overall performance. This unflavoured supplement is packed with premium-quality ingredients to increase the level of amino acid profile in your body and boost energy levels. It also promises to reduce fatigue, and muscle soreness and provides support to reach your fitness goals.

    3. Solgar Essential Amino Complex

    This amino acid supplement for muscle growth from Solgar is a good option for vegans. Containing 8 free-form essential amino acids, this supplement promotes better absorption and assimilation. This EAA supplement may also support overall health and wellness by stimulating the building blocks of protein. The brand claims that this dietary supplement is non-GMO and free from gluten.

    4. Xtend Original BCAA Powder

    Try this branched-chain amino acid supplement from Xtend and boost muscle recovery. It is specially formulated to ensure quick absorption. It promises to rapidly reach your muscles and stimulate the recovery process. This supplement may revitalise your workout experience by infusing leucine, isoleucine, valine, and glutamine in your body. Regular intake of this powder may help to hydrate your body and improve overall muscle performance.

    5. MyFitFuel Essential Amino Acid

    This essential amino acid from MyFitFuel contains BCAA. This combination may help in muscle growth and repair. Regular consumption of this supplement can fulfill the EAA requirement of your body and improve lean body mass. It may also help increase muscle endurance. The brand also claims that this product is free from fillers, sugar and additives, which makes it safe to consume.

    6. Now Sports Amino Complete Acid Capsules

    This unflavoured amino acid capsule from Now promises to infuse your body with a protein blend, 20 minos and vitamin B-6. Regular intake of this supplement may help improve your athletic performance, and support muscle growth, recovery, and endurance. In addition, this supplement is vegan so you can enjoy the goodness of amino acids while following your vegetarian diet.

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    What are the benefits of amino acid supplements?

    Amino acid supplements may help improve your bodily functions. Some of its benefits are:

    • These supplements help to stimulate muscle protein synthesis. Regular intake of amino acid supplements may help rebuild and strengthen your muscle tissue.
      They may also help reduce fatigue and muscle soreness after exercise and boost the recovery process.
    • By providing your body with amino acids, these supplements may help reduce the breakdown of muscle tissue during workouts, preserve lean muscle mass and promote better performance.
    • The dietary amino acid supplements reduce appetite and cravings. This makes it possible to enhance the metabolic rate, burn more calories and prevent overeating.
    • The presence of glutamine in these supplements may help boost the fighting mechanism of your body to combat illness.
    • They help deliver essential nutrients to your body that can tackle several age-related health issues to support healthy ageing.
    • These supplements also promote faster recovery from injuries, enhance blood flow, boost collagen synthesis, support tissue repair and reduce inflammation.

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