6 smart ways to cook with less oil for your health's sake!



    Be it French fries or fritters, we use a lot of oil to make them “finger-lickin’ good”. But cooking with too much oil can lead to weight gain and health complications. Cooking with less oil can offer various health benefits, making it a wise choice for those seeking to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Let us tell you how to cook with less oil or no oil to stay healthy!

    While cooking, most of us use olive oil, mustard oil, groundnut oil, coconut oil or fish oil. Some of the cooking oils may have health benefits, but it is best to use them less.

    As per a 2016 research published in the Indian Heart Journal, it was found that some of the oils, especially refined oils, can degrade to toxic components like transfats and free radicals. If you repeatedly fry the oil, it can further damage it. More toxic components that are not good for the heart get produced.

    What are the health benefits of cooking with less oil?

    If you choose to cook with less oil or no oil, you can enjoy many health benefits.

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